Academic Summer Camps in Katy

Summer Camps Katy

Summer Camps Katy

Academic Summer Camps

With the end of another school year, many parents actively seek out an academic summer camp that will best prepare their students for what is to come. Still others look for options to review past skills. At Benedictine Tutors, we do both! We assess and improve past concepts while discovering and learning new ones. Aside from the academics, we foster creativity and spark imaginative play with our daily STEM and writing rotations too. What better way than to give your child the boost they need to start the year strong.

Sneak Peek into the Future

Benedictine Tutors offers a Summer Camp program that combines the best of what parents and kids are looking for: Academics and Fun! We offer two camps each geared to reading and math. By implementing diagnostics, we track a student’s progress with quizzes and checkpoints. Our English summer camps serve our students in a variety of ways by helping them to build reading, literacy, spelling and grammar skills. Both camps cover concepts taught early in the school year, and this is your “sneak peek” into what lies ahead!

Flexible Scheduling

All camps are grade specific and individually customized. They target each student’s need for growth and development. Since our camps are held every week, parents are able to come and go as they please without fear of missing any instruction. When a child returns, we simply begin where we left off to continue building with succession and confidence. This is just another bonus of individualized attention.

STEM & Writing Perks

To keep student engagement at an all time high, we work through rotating STEM activities and successive Writing Camps. Our STEM activities and labs inspire creativity which fosters a child’s innate need to explore and build. The STEM activities do alternate so your camper will always have a new avenue of discovery waiting to be explored and at the end of the day, we settle down into our writing camp and coach our students how to develop a proper writing format with skill and fun. Our methods are proven to be quite successful!

The Best of Both Worlds

How do we keep our summer camp programs interesting for our students? We at Benedictine Tutors have successfully combined traditional teaching methods with modern technology, apps, and online resources to support the growth of a well-rounded student. As an added bonus, parent takes comfort knowing our programs align to state teaching standards too. From coding and robotics to campfire tales, every one of our students are happy at Benedictine Tutors, where there is Truth in Learning.

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