Academic Summer Math Camps

Academic Math Summer Camps

Academic Math Summer Camps

Academic Summer Math Camps at Benedictine Tutors 

If you’re looking for the type of summer math camps that will make the most of your child’s abilities, then look no further than Benedictine Tutors. We help to make the most of your child’s summer by building on their knowledge, getting them ready for the next year and making it fun all the while. Our campers return year after year fully aware of what lies ahead for them!

Making Math Fun!

Math games, races, and contests make all the difference when working with children in grades K – 6th. Math is learned from a whole new perspective and lessons are presented with real-world examples that “make sense” to little ones. Our campers can make real progress in shorter amounts of time as materials are focused and concise. We build momentum and encourage our campers to think outside of the box as we incorporate STEM-related activities such as Robotics, Coding and Science Labs. In short, math camp at Benedictine Tutors does two things… we teach children lessons for the next year to build familiarity and confidence, and secondly, we expose our campers to scientific thinking and reasoning. What results is nothing short of a surprise to our parents. 

Surprising Results

What many do not realize is that a child has an inherent need to continuously develop, learn and ultimately grow. We present our materials in such a way that it fosters this growth and encourages open thinking. Our campers learn math in such a way that they begin to question the order of questions and extend their own higher thinking skills. In short, they begin to expand their way of thinking and learn in a new way. What results is a fresh new approach and suddenly a summer camp becomes more than what they expected it to be. 

For more information, contact us at 832-588-4408. Benedictine Tutors is centrally located in the Cinco Ranch neighborhood, in Katy, TX.