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Test Prep

Optimum Test Prep. The thought of taking standardized tests can send shivers up the spine of any student, or parent for that reason. Dare I say; some have often confessed to having test anxiety. Multiple choice questions that offer no reasonable answer, long hours of sitting in the same spot reading through endless entries or writing on a prompt you may know nothing about is not the best way to spend a perfectly beautiful Saturday morning. Nonetheless, taking the SAT and/or ACT is a right of passage.

What has changed since the last time we thought about taking exams of this nature? This time around, we’re better prepared. And what better time to prepare than in the summer, when all other academic stresses have been set to the back burner. Summer is the optimum time to study for the SAT/ACT! One has the luxury of delving into the various subjects covered and has a true understanding of what strengths and weaknesses one may have. As a result, one has the time to focus on specific areas of weakness, to build the foundation needed to grow upon and ultimately prepare without reservation. Long summer days affords us the ability to do just this, and we at Benedictine Tutors are ever more ready to help your children succeed. 

Should you agree with maximizing this time to help your student, then give us a call to see what we can do to help. All Test Prep classes are offered on six consecutive Saturday mornings leading up to the actual test date. Study Buddy discounts are available and offered year round. Benedictine Tutors is conveniently located in the heart of Cinco Ranch at the corner of  Westheimer Pkwy and Cinco Ranch Blvd.  Call 832-588-4408 for more info and to secure your spot today.