Texas STAAR Prep

Are you curious about what the STAAR will be like this year for your child? Especially if your child is younger, the thought of taking a standardized test is very new to them and may cause undue stress as they may feel pressured to perform their best. And considering this is just the beginning of a long line of other standardized tests (think the PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, LSAT, MCAT.. but we may be getting ahead of ourselves), it is best to begin preparing our students in the way of critical thinking and logical reasoning. Understanding key test-taking strategies is important and will enable your child to become familiar with testing formats and time restraints.

Stated simply, the Texas STAAR tests are designed to gauge what our students already know. The STAAR tests determine if our students are prepared to begin the next school year in all academic readiness. And if that is not the case, school districts across the state are fully enabled to provide the additional resources needed to meet your child’s learning needs in the years to come. So if you’re new to Texas, Welcome! And if you’re a born Texan, then you can thank your lucky stars!

We here at Benedictine Tutors continue to work hard to ensure our students meet the rigors of the STAAR tests. We help to ultimately build confidence in every one of our students as they hone in on those very critical test-taking skills. Various formats and question types will be discussed while students work in a comfortable learning environment. Our small group study evokes conversation and our team of instructors will engage students to discuss their thinking and promote communication skills too. Consider adding Benedictine’s STAAR Prep Program to your child’s current tutoring sessions. Flexible scheduling is available. Benedictine Tutors is located near Cinco Ranch High School in the heart of Katy, Texas.

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