HSPT & ISEE Test Prep


Your son or daughter has reached a significant milestone in their lives as they begin to prepare for admission into private Catholic High Schools. The admissions process can be quite involved relying heavily on past academic records and several letters of recommendation. In that light, the high stakes HSPT & ISEE are not tests to be taken for granted. They are yet another metric to be used to determine your child’s academic readiness into traditional schools offering classical education. Aside from mathematical rigor, the exams test heavily on comparative texts, grammar recall and elevated vocabulary. Both the HSPT & ISEE place equal emphasis on a student’s ability to think analytically and figuratively. The ultimate goal is to determine how well the student can process new and advanced material quickly and accurately.

Benefits of HSPT & ISEE Test Prep

  • Students have a better sense of timing & understanding of overall test content.
  • Students enter the exam with more confidence.
  • Elevated Test Scores secure your student’s seat in advanced PreAP/Honors classes.
  • Your student is now a competitive candidate for academic merit-based scholarships!

Classes offered as part of the Benedictine Truth in Learning Program.

Call your Center Director to discuss scheduling & class availability.