• Fill the Gaps or Stay Ahead with ONLINE TUTORING

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    Helping High School students to excel with Algebra I/II, Geometry, PreCal, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, History, Economics, etc. Working alongside our virtual students since March 2020.

  • Subject Based Tutoring

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    Benedictine Tutors offers year-round tutoring in Math, Science, Reading and Writing for grades K – 12. Small study groups allow our instructors the time needed to concentrate their efforts within a 1-hour tutoring session.

  • Math Foundations

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    Traditional and Innovational Methods are used to increase mathematical reasoning in students grades K – 8.  For our High School students studying PreAlgebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus AB/BC and Probability/Statistics, we offer a more proactive approach targeting homework, providing additional support and preparing students for their upcoming exams.

  • The Sciences: Biology, Chemistry & Physics

    Studying the sciences goes beyond the memorization of facts, rather it requires an understanding of processes and mechanisms central to life itself. Our staff of highly qualified professionals share their expertise in the fields of medicine and engineering giving students immediate homework help and a broader perspective as to how these principals are applied in the real world.


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    Fill the Gaps or Stay Ahead with LIVE ONLINE TUTORING offering Small Group and 1:1 Tutoring, Homework Help with all Subjects, and State Approved Supplemental Resources.

  • Literacy Foundations & Reading Comprehension

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    We help students of all ages read, spell and write correctly using the best in our series of award winning and nationally recognized curriculum.  Our methods are based on building a student’s fluency and vocabulary levels to support a love for reading.

  • The Writer’s Workshop

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    The aspiring writer is coached diligently through the entire writing process experimenting with different forms and ultimately honing in and developing their own personal writing style.

  • SAT & ACT Test Prep

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    Saturday Boot Camps – Held 6 Weeks prior to the desired testing date, we offer a complete coverage of test content, successful tips and strategies used. All study materials and books are provided.

    Test Prep Club – Held every Friday afternoon and exclusive only to high school students serious about building their scores.

Benedictine Tutors offers the best in personalized tutoring and homework help in all core subjects for students in grades K-12. With academic rigors and technology on the rise, Benedictine Tutors have successfully integrated both traditional and modern pedagogies. In addition, our students have access to a vast library of resources. This provides the additional fundamental help they need to reinforce past concepts. We also encourage our students to strive to work ahead and learn new concepts too. At Benedictine Tutors, we go beyond meeting the immediate concerns of our students. We believe in providing them with the study skills they need to achieve in the classroom and beyond.

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