Parent Testimonials

“Straight As, and perfect scores on her STAAR test–Wow I couldn’t ask for more!” –The Garcia Family

“Just to let you know he is really seeing the benefit of your program.  He has acknowledged how much more he understands the concepts after an hour with you and your team. Thank you so much for all you are doing.” –The Clark Family

“Thank you. Your guidance and support these last few years have been priceless to us.” — The Saiz Family

“Thank you for the update!! I believe the method of having a goal makes him want to achieve!! I’m excited for what’s to come. He jumped in the car and says “mom, that was really fun?” Yes, in question form. I think he was surprised too!”– The Sciba Family

“Please see attached for latest progress report from school.  As you can see she has done very well.  Thanks for all your help!” –The Marroquin Family

“Thanks for all you do. Not only has my daughter become a straight A student, but she has become more confident that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to do.”  –The Chervnsik Family

“I highly recommend Benedictine Tutors. They can do all subjects, meet any number of days and the prices are very affordable. They also don’t make you sign up for a long contract like other places do. If you need to change days, just call and she’ll take care of it, very flexible! My son has been going since the summer and we have seen improvement. He is now going for homework assistance.” –The Mills Family

“My daughter is doing great in school, so far this year! She has a 98 average in Math! Can you believe it? You and your staff did a great job helping her understand Math.” — The Parr Family