Reading Support

Benedictine Tutor’s Reading Comprehension Program has been designed for emerging readers in grades 2 – 6. The reading passages consist of non-fiction texts in the subjects of Science and Social Studies. They are aligned to what the student is currently studying in school and builds their capacity for reading more complex texts. We utilize the best in nationally recognized and award winning reading curriculum to implement timed reads and live coaching helping our students to:

  • Increase Reading Fluency & Speed of Comprehension
  • Increase Accuracy & Convey Meaning
  • Identify Main Ideas & Key Points
  • Learn Note-Taking Strategies
  • Write Complete Sentences
  • Build Vocabulary

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The Reading Comprehension Tutoring Program

Our Reading program has 6 Levels with 18 Non-Fiction Units that test a student’s comprehension, sentence writing ability and higher-level thinking with related inference questions. These texts support recollection by reinforcing essential high frequency/site words and phonetic/syllabic pattern awareness. Each level has 3 books and many students will cover an average of 1 to 2 reading passages within a tutoring session.

Benedictine’s Reading Comprehension Program ensures children simultaneously develop the three benchmarks of proficient reading that research has identified:

Fluency, Comprehension, & Background Knowledge