Kindergarten can be an exciting time for families and especially your little one. Your child will be learning new faces, making new friends and getting used to new activities, settings, and routines. Most importantly, Kindergarten provides a very structured learning environment that will require the utmost attention from your child and ability to focus on the task at hand. If you are concerned about your child’s kindergarten readiness, consider Benedictine Tutors for your little one today.

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Kindergarten students will meet for an hour twice a week to learn an integrated math and literacy program that includes:

Reading Readiness

  • Full Alphabet Recognition
  • Phonemic Awareness Beginning Word Blends
  • Ending Word Blends
  • Kinder Site Words
  • Early Reading Level Series

Math Readiness

  • Number Recognition
  • Number Order & Patterns Addition Facts
  • Subtraction Facts

Fine Motor Skills

  • ABC/123 Handwriting
  • Drawing Geometric Shapes
  • Writing Full Name & Phone No.

Benedictine Tutors will not only prepare your child for Kinder this year, but will boost their foundational readiness for entry into 1st grade too!