ACT Prep Course Registration

A Top Parent Choice!

This Six Week Test Prep Course is scheduled on consecutive Saturday mornings, 8am – 12pm.

  • Simulate the Length and Construct of the Exam with Classes Leading up to the Actual Test Date!
  • Qualified & Experienced Instructors that Inspire with Personalized Instruction, Advice & Critical Insights
  • In-Depth Discussion and Q&A
  • Study Note Compilation & Strategic Planning
  • Online Review & Integrative Resources

Parents, please send kids with water bottle, snacks and a CALCULATOR for their test prep sessions.



Registration Deadline: Math Diagnostic: ACT Class Schedule: ACT Date:
4/19/24 4/22/24 Saturdays (8am-12pm)
4/27 thru 6/1
June 8, 2024
5/17/24 5/20/24 Saturdays (8am-12pm)
5/25 thru 6/29
No Classes on July 6
July 13, 2024