Senior Spotlight: Ethan Onianwa

Ethan Onianwa
Class of 2021

High School: Cinco Ranch High School
Senior Stats: 4.2 GPA, SAT 1380
College Acceptance: Rice University

Ethan Onianwa’s Awards & Recognitions

  • High SAT Score Ranking as recognized by the College Board
  • Academic Excellence Recognition from Cinco Ranch High School
  • All-District Football Team
  • National Science Honor Society
  • National Honor Society
  • Recipient of a Full Football Scholarship to Rice University

Ethan Onianwa’s Work Ethic

Ethan began attending tutoring sessions with Benedictine Tutors while in the 7th grade and continued through the end of his 10th grade year where he received support with various subjects in Math, Science, History and Writing. The study skills he learned proved extremely valuable in the completion of his studies at Cinco Ranch High School. Ethan was extremely committed to his studies and demonstrated a strong work ethic as is reflected in his very competitive GPA score. Ethan went on to prep for his SAT with Benedictine Tutors where he saw a substantial improvement in his overall score as well. Ethan possesses the knowledge and wherewithal to continue his studies successfully at the prestigious and nationally recognized Rice University.

How working with Benedictine Tutors ultimately benefitted Ethan Onianwa

“After beginning tutoring sessions, I realized I was more willing and felt comfortable asking questions. Going to tutoring was really helpful in getting me to open up. I become more outspoken in the classroom and found it easier to vocalize my concerns. This helped to build my self-confidence both in the classroom and on the field. My teachers soon noticed how serious I was about doing well in my classes.”

Areas where Ethan saw the Biggest Improvement

Ethan did very well overall in his PreAlgebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, and PreCalculus classes. Ethan also saw substantial improvements in Biology & Chemistry.

When asked, “What was your best memory at Benedictine Tutors”, this is how Ethan responded…

“When I would come during the summer and work on PreCal, it was more hands-on. And when the concepts were presented, they were interesting and fun to learn about. I didn’t know PreCal could be fun.”

What does Ethan have planned for the future?

“I plan on majoring in BioEngineering at Rice University, and ultimately attending medical school to specialize in orthopedic surgery.”

In addition, Ethan Onianwa hopes to one day play football for the NFL where he can take his game to the next level with offensive tackle.

We at Benedictine Tutors wish Ethan Onianwa the best of luck and great success in his future endeavors! We are confident he will do well with anything he tackles!

Congratulations Ethan, we are so proud of you!